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TeslaHub Rental Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Hire at TeslaHub

The General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "GTC") apply to all legal transactions entered into with TeslaHub.

The renter and the driver must be in possession of a valid driver's license. Driving licenses from non-EU countries (except Switzerland) are accepted if:
  • no visa is entered in the passport
  • the customer has a visa in his passport and has not been in Europe for more than 6 months at the time of rental.

Tesla Model 3

The conclusion of a rental contract and the associated use of the vehicle is permitted from 1 year in possession of a valid driving licence.

Tesla Model Y
The conclusion of a rental agreement and the associated use of the vehicle is permitted from 2 years in possession of a valid driver's license. 

Switching off the vehicle's online connection is not permitted under any circumstances. In the event of an infringement, CHF 500 will be charged.


Liability insurance

The rented vehicle is insured under the agreed insurance conditions of the insurance company and with the minimum insurance sum valid for Switzerland for third party liability and fully comprehensive insurance. The insurance is limited to Europe in the geographical sense. In any case, the use of the vehicles for the transport of hazardous substances subject to authorisation as well as all contents of the vehicle, objects carried, persons, electronic items or business items are excluded from the insurance.

Any protection agreed under the rental contract shall lapse in particular if an unauthorised driver drives the vehicle or if the driver of the vehicle is not in possession of a valid driving licence when the insured event occurs. Excluded from the insurance are all assistance systems and improper use as well as races, driving training, performance tests, private shows, or similar improper use.


Comprehensive insurance

Our Tesla Model 3 is fully insured. The deductible is;

  • CHF 1000.- pro Schadensfall (ab 25 Jahren) 
  • CHF 1500.- für unter 25 Jährige.

Der Selbstbehalt kann beim Tesla Model 3 in beiden Fällen gegen eine einmalige Gebühr pro Miete auf CHF 500.- oder 200.- reduziert werden.

Our Tesla Model Y is also fully insured. The deductible here is;

  • CHF 2500 per claim (from age 26) 
  • CHF 3500 for under 26s.

Theinsurance does not cover wilful or grossly negligent damage or damage inside the vehicle (e.g. scratches, holes, stains). This can then be handled via private liability.

In general, the following is not permitted and therefore excluded from comprehensive insurance:

  • Road racing (on public and non-public tracks)
  • Unlawful use of the vehicle and provocation in road traffic
  • Commitment of criminal offences
  • Riding on unpaved roads (e.g. gravel & dirt roads)


Other damage

  • Rim damage, we charge a flat rate of CHF 200.- per rim, if a repair is possible. Otherwise, you will be charged for fully comprehensive insurance.
  • Parking & glass damage will be charged with a deductible of CHF 500.


Damage in general

The tenant is obliged:

  • To secure the vehicle in a suitable manner against damage in extreme weather conditions (e.g. hail, storm, flooding, heavy snowfall);
  • das Fahrzeug bei Gefahr der Beschädigung durch Vandalismus auf eigene Kosten in geeigneter Weise zu sichern, zum Beispiel durch Abstellen in einer abgeschlossenen Garage; das Fahrzeug ordnungsgemäss gegen Diebstahl zu sichern.
  • The Lessee is obliged to treat and use the vehicle from the moment of the transfer of the vehicle in the same way as an owner who takes care of the value of the vehicle would do.
  • If the indicator lights in the vehicle (e.g. for temperature, brake wear, drive, battery or other) signal a problem, the Lessee is obliged to act in accordance with the vehicle's operating instructions.
  • The renter is liable without limitation for all damage to the vehicle that occurs due to a breach of his duty of care and custody in accordance with the above regulations. Insofar as damage is covered by the fully comprehensive insurance policy existing for the vehicle, the liability of the renter is limited to the amount of the agreed deductible.
  • The renter is generally liable for all damage caused to the vehicle due to improper handling or excessive use or other breaches of duty.
  • The Lessee shall be liable in the same way for damage culpably caused by his relatives, workers, employees, co-drivers and additional drivers or other third parties who have come into contact with the vehicle through or via the Lessee, insofar as he culpably fails to establish in an evidentiary manner the personal and material facts necessary to enforce any claims for compensation by the Lessor.
  • If any damage is found upon the return of the vehicle, the causation of the damage and the liability for the damage shall be presumed to be at the expense of the Lessee in accordance with the above provision, unless the Lessee proves that the damage was already present at the time of the takeover of the vehicle or that the Lessee is not responsible for the damage.
  • The Lessee is also obliged to compensate the Lessor for all consequential damages, in particular the loss of rental income, if the vehicle cannot be re-rented or cannot be re-rented in time as a result of damage caused by the Lessee, or if the Lessor cannot use it for its own purposes.
  • When the vehicle is handed over and returned, the vehicle is jointly inspected for visible defects. Any defects or damage are recorded and the protocol signed by both parties. If the vehicle is returned outside business hours, the protocol is made on the following day. Until the protocol, the renter remains responsible for the vehicle.
  • The renter is obliged to report defects and damage of any kind immediately to the lessor, but no later than upon return of the vehicle. In case of damage, a lump sum of CHF 150.- will be charged in addition to the actual damage.


Charging & Cleaning

The vehicle is handed over to the renter in the battery-saving standard state of charge (80%). The renter charges the vehicle as required at his own expense during the rental period and returns it with at least 60% charge state. If this is not the case, a charge of approximately CHF 50.- may be levied for charging and expenses. The temporary option "unlimited kilometers" includes a charge of 40kWh per calendar day in the Swisscharge network and is limited to charging stations with max 20kW power. Roaming stations are excluded.

We attach great importance to clean, well maintained and serviced vehicles. In case of extreme dirt outside (resin, tar) or inside (animals, food/drink, mud shoes, sand) we allow ourselves to charge CHF 80.- cleaning fee. Washing in automatic car washes is strictly forbidden, because the vehicle can block in case of a wrong manipulation. In case of disregard of this rule, the renter is fully liable for any damage caused by the use of the car wash.

Animals may not be brought along without protective measures. If an animal is brought along, cleaning will be charged at cost. For damages, we ask that you have private liability insurance.

Our Teslas are non-smoking vehicles. If smoking in the car, the tenant will be charged the cleaning plus expenses flat rate of CHF 100.


Driving, Kilometres & Fees

In addition to the basic vehicle price, flexible mileage packages can be booked. The mileage packages start at 50km per day for 0.80.- /km for the Model 3 and CHF 1.- /km for the Model Y. The mileage price decreases depending on the mileage package booked. The more kilometers are booked in advance the cheaper the kilometer. The kilometers that are driven beyond that will be charged with a flat rate of CHF 1.- per kilometer afterwards.

Trips to neighbouring countries (Austria & Germany) are permitted without further permission. Other countries must be notified to the landlord and will be noted accordingly in the rental contract.

Parking fees, toll obligations and special traffic regulations for journeys are to be borne by the Hirer (motorway tolls or vignette - except Switzerland). Violation notices, parking fines and all other types of fines are to be borne by the Hirer. When using a Supercharger, please note that the vehicle must be put away immediately after completion of the charging process in order to avoid blocking fees.

Fines or other fees are to be paid by the tenant in addition to the processing fee of Fr. 40.


Terms of payment


The rental fee is composed of the price for the requested vehicle indicated in the online booking, of the further selected options, of other costs indicated there and of the costs to be determined according to the use of the vehicle.

The rent agreed in the context of the online booking (rental price and selected options) are to be paid by the renter before taking over the vehicle, other agreements are reserved. The costs to be determined after use (e.g. for additional kilometers) are paid upon return of the vehicle.


Rebooking & Extension

Rebookings and extensions are possible if the vehicle is available, but in any case the lessor must be notified as soon as possible. The booking status is decisive. No rebooking fees will be charged.



Cancellations must be communicated by telephone and confirmed in writing by the renter (withdrawal from the contract).
Cancellations of rentals already paid will incur a refund fee of CHF 10. Up to 72h before the beginning of the rental period 50% of the rental price will be charged, up to 48h before the beginning of the rental period 75% of the agreed rental price. Within 24h before the beginning of the rental period or during the rental period the full agreed rental price will be charged. In case of total non-collection of the vehicle or non-collection at the agreed time, the full rental price will be charged.


Standstill with empty battery

In the event of a standstill due to a completely empty battery, the lessor must be notified immediately by telephone and the lessee must follow the lessor's instructions. The renter is fully liable for any costs incurred in this connection, as well as for any associated rental losses (current daily rate). A claim for extension of the rental period due to a completely empty battery does not exist.


Status 01.03.2022